How Is Massage Therapy Beneficial?

Massage therapy in Tucson involves rubbing, pressing and manipulating of your tendons, muscles, skin and ligaments. It varies between deep pressure and light stoking. Some of the various practices of massage therapy include the following.

a) Swedish Massage – Here, the masseuse uses kneading, long strokes and deep circular movements as well as tapping and vibration to energize your body while relaxing it.

b) Deep Massage – The masseuse will use more forceful but slower strokes to get to the deeper layers of the connective tissue or muscle. It’s mostly used to provide relief for muscle damage caused by injuries.

c) Sports Massage – It’s quite similar to the Swedish massage but it’s mostly used for people in sports to treat or prevent injuries.

d) Trigger Point Massage – The masseuse focuses on areas with tight muscle fibers that form after overuse or injuries.

Why Is Massage Therapy Beneficial?

Massage therapy is mostly viewed as integrative and complementary medicine. It’s been adopted together with regular treatment for numerous medical conditions. Research has revealed that it is an effective treatment to reduce muscle tension, pain or stress.

Over the years, massage therapy has proven to provide relief for the following conditions;

a) Digestive disorders

b) Stress-induced insomnia

c) Anxiety

d) Sports injuries

e) Fibromyalgia

f) Soft tissue injuries or strains

g) Joint pain

h) Headaches

Additionally, people enjoy massages because they trigger feelings of comfort, care and connection. Note that, although massage therapy has these and many more benefits, it should never be used in place of regular treatment. Before signing up for a massage session, you should notify your doctor, especially if you have any underlying conditions.

Is Massage Therapy Risky?

As mentioned above, massage therapy is very beneficial. However, if you are suffering from any of these conditions, you are not advised to sign up for a massage session.

a) Deep vein thrombosis

b) Bleeding disorders or anyone taking blood thinners

c) Severe osteoporosis

d) Burns or healing wounds

e) Fractures

Consulting your doctor is a good idea before getting a massage to avoid exacerbating your condition. There are a few scenarios where you might feel a bit sore after getting a massage. However, it shouldn’t happen normally because a massage is supposed to make you feel comfortable and not bring about pain. If you are experiencing pain during massage therapy, you need to inform the masseuse right way to prevent any injuries. A good masseuse should always ask about any underlying conditions before the session begins so you need to be truthful to avoid any complications.

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